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adaptronic - 真空高压测试系统VTS


adaptronic - VTS = Vacuum Test System

The solution for the test of unshielded cable harnesses

High-voltage cable harnesses, such as those used primarily in the field of e-mobility, require not only high-voltage testing between the individual conductors but also dielectric strength test against the environment. In the case of shielded cables, the use of the sum shield as a counter electrode is permitted, which means that the test can easily be carried out using standard methods.

For unshielded cables, alternative solutions are required for providing a counter-electrode to map the environment. Due to the good insulating properties of air, a metallic electrode must either fit very tightly at any point on the test object or alternative media such as electrically conductive liquids or gases must be used.

With the vacuum test system adaptronic offers a completely new test method, which enables the dielectric strength test even in the medium air with large distances between two potentials: The dielectric strength test in vacuum.