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        锐弋机电技术服务(上海)有限公司(下称为“锐弋技术”)及Rayyi International Corp.(下称为“Rayyi-INTL”)致力于开发、引进先进制造设备及工艺,服务于制造业各领域,为之提供智能高效的生产设备及解决方案。公司成立于2016年,团队的核心成员具备长期世界级高端生产行业经验,尤其在汽车行业、新能源行业、高端制造业积累了扎实的理论和实践经验,并拥有中德、中欧间留学和工作背景和双边的优良资源。公司立足于上海,业务和服务辐射包括京津、东北、中南各部的整个中国以及东、南亚区域。










Rayyi Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (as "RayyiTech") and Rayyi International Corp. (as "Rayyi-INTL") are committed to the development, introduction of advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, services in the manufacturing sector and supplying of intelligent production equipment and solutions. The company was founded in 2016, the core members of the team have long-term world-class high-end production industry experience, especially in the automotive industry, new energy industry, advanced manufacturing industry. The team has accumulated solid theoretical and practical experience and has good bilateral resources within Germany and China over their long-time Sino-German education working background. The company is based in Shanghai (China) and the business and service radiation covers the whole China especially in Beijing and Tianjin, northeast, south-central regions, as well as the East and South Asia countries.


We focus on the automotive industry, high-end and intelligent manufacturing, automation, mechatronics and new energy development/utilization and equipment manufacturing industries. Our team has a very mature cross-industry capabilities and solid site experience.

The core customer base and partners of RayyiTech are multinational companies, leading foreign companies, well-known large and medium-sized Chinese enterprises, well-known universities and research institutes, and many other fast-growing emerging small enterprises.

With our experienced technical team and strong professional service capability, we are able to provide our customers with high-end manufacturing solutions with high flexibility and efficiency, and therefore bring the values beyond their expectation.


RayyiTech's goal and positioning is to become one of the most professional, most valuable advanced manufacturing service providers in China!


"Create values with professional!" - to provide professional, meticulous, in-depth service is our spirit. Our value lies in creating value for customers and the industries!