Berghof Group - Testing

Berghof Group - Testing

An innovative family-owned business

The history of Berghof is one of successes. From the outset, the company concentrated on developing innovations. As early as the 1970s, Berghof was among the most distinguished research institutes in Germany, with contracts from Bosch, Daimler Benz, IBM, the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology and the German Test and Research Institute for Aviation and Space Flight, among others. Finally, the research institute managed the transition to a technology company – developing and producing innovative products and services, as well as the tradition of transferring scientific theory into business practice still characterize the company today. The Berghof Group is a networking organization and synergistic platform with the ability to cross-link the competencies of diverse product areas with a broad spectrum of industry expertise. This collaborative approach is expressed in the idea of “Your Innovation Hub” and is further promoted through innovation and research projects in cooperation with partners and customers.

For its size, Berghof is remarkably diversified, grouping five operating companies with eight different business units under the umbrella of the holding company. Each business unit works together with its customers to develop and provide innovative products and services.